Testosterone Levels Decline With Age

Testosterone levels begin to decline in men when they are in their 30's. And while most men are able to maintain adequate levels of testosterone into their mid 40's to 50's, even men in their 30's can be testosterone deficient. The signs of testosterone deficiency include fatigue, depression, difficulty sleeping, erectile dysfunction, mental decline and bone loss.


How do I know if my levels are low?


Regardless of your age, you should be tested when you begin to show signs of testosterone deficiency. If you are found to be hormone deficient, data supports that hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants is the most effective and the most bioidentical method to deliver hormones. Implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones providing optimal therapy. Unlike other forms of testosterone therapy, pellets avoid fluctuations, or ups and downs, of hormone levels.


Even patients who have failed other types of hormone therapy have a very high success rate with pellets. And the best part is that the insertion of the pellets is a simple, relatively painless procedure done under local anesthesia. 

Not sure if your symptoms are enough to warrant treatment?

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