Safety Profile

  • “…implantation of hard compressed pellets of crystalline steroids resulted in a slow and more physiologic absorption of the hormone...” Greenblat 49 AJOG
  • “Since the amount of hormone released to the organism is continuous and minute in quantity, it is conceivable that by this method the endogenous mechanism of hormonal secretion is more nearly approached and the physiologic action of the hormone more closely imitated.” Greenblat 49 AJOG
  • Hormones (testosterone) delivered by subcutaneous implants, bypass the liver **
    • Do not affect clotting factors
    • Do not increase the risk of thrombosis (blood clots)
  • Bioidentical testosterone delivered by pellets is cardiac protective, unlike oral, synthetic testosterone **
    • Do not negate the beneficial effects of estradiol on cardiac and lipid (cholesterol) profiles
  • Testosterone and estradiol delivered by pellet implantation does not adversely affect ***

     Blood pressure

  • Studies have actually shown pellets to be cardiac protective with improved arterial vasodilation


  • Studies have actually shown that pellets can blood glucose levels in some patients

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***Burger 84, Notelovitz 84, Barlow 86, Stanczyk 88, Davis 95, 00, Cravioto 01, Handelsman 96


Hormone Implants and Breast Cancer

  • Testosterone delivered by pellet implant does not increase the risk of breast cancer unlike oral, synthetic methyl-testosterone

     Testosterone inhibits estrogen-induced mammary epithelial proliferation and suppresses estrogen receptor expression

  • Studies using testosterone implants have shown less stimulation of breast tissue and lower rates of breast cancer

      Antagonist of Estrogen with pro-apoptotic activity mediated through the Androgen Receptor (AR)

  • Treatment with testosterone implants does not increase the risk of breast cancer, even in breast cancer survivors


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Hormone Implants in Men

  • Sperm suppression is dose dependent


  • No effect on PSA, phosphate, renal function tests or hematological variables


  • No evidence of liver toxicity


Handelsman 96 JCEM

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